• Enjoy Better Experience in Kulon

    Economic sustainability with circular economy elements

    Minimize your carbon footprint and materials waste

    Detailed training and documentation for user

    Check the lamps still within our warranty period(7 years)

    • Customer should send back the dead lamps or materials to us to analysis and evalute the problem.

    For easy disassembly and recycling,Achieve instant annual savings

    After confirmed the problem, we will repair the dead lamps or replace new materials, then send to customer

    • Customer satisfaction feedback to salesman to confirm this after sell issue solved.

  • Managed Service

    A turnkey approach

    Including from design and build to operation and maintenance of your lighting

    Light as a Service

    No upfront investment

    • Kulon lighting project service team will help you quickly an locally select product.

    • So you do not have to negotiate a large of number suppliers,contractors and transport companies.

    Hassle-free savings

    with optimized performance

    • Reduce your energy and maintenance costs by up to 60% with higher returns on long-term contracts.

    • 20% more cost-effective upgradability and improved access to energy-efficient products.

    • for easy disassembly and recycling;with minimal environmental impact.

  • Minimize waste and create instant

    For peace-of-mind and better control of your costs,For fast delivery guarantee,we offer 3 ways of transportation to respond your needs.

    A, Courier Service

    Provide you with convenient and cost-effective door-to-door courier service. facilitate your customs clearance and production arrangements

    We have close cooperation with international express delivery companies such as UPS, DHL, Fedex, TNT, etc., After goods departure from Kulon, our logistics department will send you e tracking number at the first time and keep tracking of the status of the goods throughout the transportation process and the estimated time of arrival.

    B, Sea Shipping Service

    Reduce a lot logistics costsprovide the fastest shipping schedule for you

    For larger purchase, and the product demand time is enough, we recommend choose sea shipping, Kulon have long-term cooperation with many sea shipping agent and sea shipping companies, on the other hand, you can also choose your company's shipping agency cooperation company to pick up the goods in our warehouse.

    C,Railway Service

    The countries that have supported :Middle East,European countries ,Asian countries , Southeast Asia.etc

    In order to control cost reasonably,the state of iron transport,we support railway transportation. Also can tell us your district name at the first time,Kulon application specialist suggests you the most reasonable mode of transportation.

  • Excellent lighting starts with an expert plan

    We will perform a detailed audit of your organization,facility or project.The data collected on-site will inform an optimized lighting design to meet your requirements.

    Design Service

    To help you make an informed decision,Kulon will begin by assessing how well your current lighting equipment matches your lighting needs.

    We can be customized according to customer requirements,Custom lighting experience specially for you. From light and angle,budget,OEM,and other requirements,to create our best way of cooperation.

    Customized Solution

    With the help of Kulon consulting service,we will co-create the most effective Long-term lighting plan which can be anything from a straightforward LED retrofit to a completely new installation.

    Kulon professional team provide a customized solution for you.After confirmation is feasible,our factory customize production, the service of Kulon will support the successful completion of the project and check it .
Kulon Service Principles

We consolidate all the key areas of LED Lights into a single support model while giving customers the flexibility to choose ANY provider required for their business through a combination of one stop solutions and tailored services.

  • Customer Consulting

    Our team will assist you to ensure an effective procurement process. Our collaborators can speak English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Arabic and Hindi.

  • Sustainable in the Long Term

    The principal focus of our product specialists is to ensure that you select a range of products, which provide maximum value, the desired level of result whilst minimizing costs.

  • Openness

    We are open to new ideas, different perspectives, and other cultures. In search of the best solution, we discuss and evaluate different opinions and perceptions openly, constructively, and without bias. The final decision is borne jointly by all participants.

  • Trust

    Trust is a vital part of our corporate culture and the basis for how we treat one another. 

  • Try to be brief and clear

    Communicate promplty and honestly and via the customer choice of medium.Try to be brief and clear.Strive to make it easy for the customer to do business with Kulon to ensure that Kulon Light remains its preferred supplier.

Welcome To Kulon

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Certificate of Origin

In order to save your tariffs, our company will provide you with a certificate of origin according to the trade relationship between China and your country. When you doing customs clearance about goods, you can provide this document to the local customs staff. The Customs will be rooted in your country. Within the legal framework to reduce or even exempt tariffs.

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