IndustrialLED CASES

Right Lighting for better result to remain strong in industry

Longer-lasting and energy-efficient LED lighting from Kulon can have an enormous impact on your bottom line,reducing operational costs through reduced downtime and lower energy consumption.

RoadLED solution

Enhance the care environment and reduce costs

More and more cities are voting for lighting that brightens their future.By specifying Kulon LED lighting solutions,they are gaining improved road safety,energy savings of up to 67%.

Parking lotLED solution

Make your parking garage safer and greener and more secure

The bright,uniform illumination of LED lighting diminishes shadows and improves visibility,helping people feel safer and drivers feel more in control.

StadiumLED solution

Give a competitive edge for growing urbanization and sedentary city lifestyles

Our energy-efficient LED lighting and remote management systems save on energy costs while enhancing the athletic environment for the surrounding population.

Gas StationLED solution

Deliver bright indoor and outdoor illumination and cost-effective

Our controls help keep energy costs down so you can focus on creating maximum impact and a positive experience for your customers at gas stations and convenience stores.

TunnelLED solution

Kulon LED technology provides a dynamic environment for your safety

Kulon offers a range of different systems and services,Kulon Total Tunnel integrated lighting promotes safety and efficiency system that eases operations and reduces costs.

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