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Microbial photosynthetic lamp, LED lamp and plant

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Microbial photosynthetic lamp, LED lamp and plant

Issue Time:2020-03-12

Microalgae are a kind of autotrophic plants with abundant nutrition and high photosynthetic utilization, which are widely distributed in land and sea.It is grown through photosynthesis and is now an effective way to generate renewable biomass energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.By using leds to provide light needed for photosynthesis to micro algae, micro algae can not only reduce environmental carbon dioxide, and, in the process of photosynthesis, can produce a weak current, by using a micro algae collected, weak currents can provide working current for LED lamp, lamp, we can call microbial photosynthesis through the green colour and lustre of micro algae, different corner of the room a moment relaxed and pleasant green light

Microbial photosynthesis lights give the room a refreshing green glow